Who Should Use

Who Should Use Our Services

This is for athletes who want to make themselves better at everything:

Whether you are a top contender for the next NFL draft, or you are an NBA superstar. Original 7th Training systems is the only way to get better at what you do. Proven techniques that make sure that you don’t Plateau with your training, and have the endurance to recover quickly. With Original 7th Training systems you will be able to train harder, react faster, and become better at any level. The forces are with you…. Let the journey begin!!!!

Who is Reflex, Reaction, Rebound Designed for?

  • Investors
  • General Managers of sports teams
  • Team Owners
  • Professional Athletes (trying to get to the next level)
  • People trying to make it Pro

DO NOT INQUIRE IF…… Don’t Waste My Time…

  • If you are not professional minded
  • If you do not love the game
  • If you do not live with a passion for life
  • If you know everything already
  • If you understand modern technical
  • knowledge, but train with (CAVEMAN) methods
  • If you do not want to be famous
  • If you like to lose millions of dollars
  • If you do not want to make millions of dollars


Why Do YOU need Reflex, Reaction, Rebound??

  •  If you want to DOMINATE your sport for years to come
  •  If you want to make history in your sport
  •  If you want to make large amounts of money
  • If you live with a passion for your sport
  • If you want to be an outstanding role model, and inspire all Americans to be all that they can be